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"It happened at Landen on Friday, October 9th, in the train with wounded which arrived there from Brussels at about noon, when food was being distributed."

I went on by myself, and arrived at last in a street where I noticed a light in a house. When I came near, I stood opposite a small caf茅, with "Lodgings" over the door. I was hardly able to go on, and did not care whether it was "lodgings" or "hotel," if I could only get in somewhere..
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Near Haccourt, by the bank of the Meuse, I noticed a terrible glare of fire and dense smoke. It was an alarming sight, and made me fear the direst things. I considered for a moment whether I should go there or not, fearing that I had already taxed my nerves too much. Yet, I made up my mind to go, and by a side-way got to the Meuse, near Vis茅. German engineers were busy here laying telephone wires, and an officer stopped me, threatening me with his revolver. It was obvious that they were no longer accustomed to see civilians on that road. After having examined my passport and seeing that I was a Netherland journalist, he became very friendly, and politely urged me not to go farther.?
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"To the inhabitants of the City of Louvain!
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"What? What? Do you dare to call it stealing, what we Germans take here in Bruges?".
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"Yes, but you see they may be forged, you see. They may shoot me, you see, but a traitor, you see, no, then I would knock you down, you see....".

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"Here rest 10 soldiers, French, I. Reg. 36. fell 22.8. R.I.P."
"The behaviour of the soldiers during the night, with very few exceptions, makes a scandalous impression.
"It will cost a great many men!"
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